Little fish in a big sea

So I guess I’ll just dump the foot shenanigans here too.

I suppose it comes as no surprise that after running hard for a year things begin to break down. I hurt my foot (I’m officially calling myself hurt now) sometime in early February; I would limp for a week after eight mile runs. Saw the doctor in March who said I’d gotten tendinitis. I’m now entering my third week of braces and orthotics (custom-made for my shoe!) and I haven’t run more than 1-3 miles and definitely I have not been running 3-4 times a week.

I’m pissed, sad, and stressed out, but what can you do? As Alea reminds me, I’m hurt now, and if I keep going at the same rate of activity I’ll be benched forever. So off my feet it is. It’s affected all of my working out–I tried climbing a little bit, but obviously I couldn’t do that with a giant ankle brace strapped on my foot. I’m pretty much just walking and doing very very light jogging (sometimes.) The last time I tried to run, I stuck to about 1-2 miles and that’s been okay. But I don’t really want to risk it anymore, so I had to find something non-impact.

Enter swimming.

Technically swimming isn’t a “new venture” for me–I’ve been swimming since I was working out in college. I just haven’t done it regularly until about three weeks ago. Stumped on exercise and needing the movement, my mom challenged me to find a local pool–I found an indoor one in a nearby city. $3 and an hour later, I was back in the game! It was bloody amazing. And my cardiovascular reserve from running (some of which I’ve retained) helped me get through the first 50 yards okay.

I’m talking to a few people to figure out a swimming workout plan, since I’ve already noted that swimming for an hour (with some breaks on the kickboard and just floating for a few minutes when I’m super winded) gets my shoulders kind of tired and hurting. As in hours later I have some slight sharp pains. I was told to swim slower to warm up, and to gently move my arms through the stroke sequence while on land to warm up. This helped on the latest swim I did earlier this week, and I also went a little slower to make sure my other joints didn’t get injured. That seemed to work well, so I’ll probably repeat that warm up routine when I get to the pool this weekend.

I can’t wait to go again this weekend; despite the number that chlorinated water does on my skin and hair I like to swim; it feels more like play than exercise. I suppose that’s really what’s worked in this latest fitness push, which if I reach my second-year anniversary this November will be the longest time I’ve consistently been active.

Something to look forward to later this year.


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