easy does it

New run set-up: Brooks Ghost 7, custom orthotics, Balega Hidden Comfort socks.

So we’re well into the second quarter of 2015 and there have been a lot of lessons for both Alea and I. We’ve had some fairly major awesomes, like Alea running her first half marathon and me my first 10K; I also completed a local race series in March. But with it came some growing pains, specifically–I developed tendinitis in my right foot when I segued into half-marathon training. Alea’s also been off and on injury-wise. Fitness is exhilarating, but it certainly exacts a toll on the body if you’re not careful.

I’m really grateful that so far my orthotics and new running shoes are keeping my legs and feet pain-free. I’m going to see the doctor soon to hopefully get an all-clear, but in the meantime I can’t wait to get back on the grind. Mentally, I feel pretty disheartened by the set-back, but I’m hoping I can just snap back to my former fitness from last year. I was so strong and in comparison to these last few months, I looked pretty good then.


Update: 5/16/2015

2 weeks into “full time” running–back to 2 short, 1 long run per week. Foot doing okay, but I’m definitely better at understanding my fatigue and what I can and cannot do post long-run. I can’t over-schedule myself after a long run and utter dedication and respect must be paid to stretching, hydration, and nutrition after. “Nutrition” being that I eat after the run, and that I try to eat a little better throughout the week–not skipping, or overdoing it. Same with hydration. The last two weeks have seen meh quality sleep, but I’m working on being more firm with shutting down and shutting off before 12 pm. WIP.



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