2015 Fitness Project “The Grind”

I’m still alive and kicking!

This year I don’t really have a theme or big overarching goal like last year–last year’s was to run a 5K before my birthday (aka #juicyjuly.) Well I did that and then some. This year, I’m feeling a bit adrift–the injury sidelined me for a solid month, and life in general is a bit in flux (when is it not, really.) I got a new job with new responsibilities that tire me out more, and it’s only now, 7 weeks back into a run schedule that I’m seeing the 2015 theme form, if you will.

I call it “The Grind.” (real breakthrough here gais)

I think it’s funny considering I am getting into coffee–but the theme works. I do the same things five days a week. I desperately plan activities to break myself out of the rut, lest I go insane. I run to give myself an organic high. At any rate, I’ve been tagging my running activities under this theme and I’ll probably use it for all the other fitnessy bits. It’s also got staying power–the Grind never really ends; it’s the whole accumulation of things you need to do. Like work, sleep, eat, etc. Staying healthy and fit as I’ve learned now isn’t “just a hobby,” it’s something that becomes intrinsic when you choose to put it in your life.

I’ve gained probably about 7-8 lbs since last year–my thighs and butt are a lot bigger (comparatively, still no Kim or Beyonce here) from running, but I’ve got some unwanted fluff in the arms and stomach. The stomach is the toughest place to slim down. Diet…is tough to manage. I’ve got to shift my life back to include cooking more at home. I’ve re-incorporated running after the injury, I’m tentatively stepping back into climbing more regularly, so diet and cooking home food will be on the list of things to allot time to once more.

The Grind. I like it; it sounds doable, and I’m hoping the philosophy carries me through for a while.


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