image1 copy redV0


These V0s scared the crap out of me and were (IMO) v difficult mentally. My body didn’t want to cooperate; my legs didn’t trust the last few footholds for the final boost up to the top.

I made it up there thanks to the encouragement (heckling) of my fellow climbers. Thank you people in the gym with me.

Every new hold touched counts. All effort counts. It is something more than old me would have ever done, so it’s already 1000000000 times better than not attempting at all.

I am close to being overfatigued and overtrained this week because of lack of sleep. Climbing takes a lot out of me and takes up a large portion of the night. But in 2.5 hours I get a total body workout + lift time at the end (squats, chest, biceps, shoulders) that I feel is a good routine. My body is responding to the load and is changing slowly. However, I need to be cautious as not to lose any more months to injury or sickness.

I am still afraid that one day I’ll lose sight and fade out or hard quit working out.


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