It’s been a while

Hi. It’s been a while. A long while, in fact. The last few months have been busy in many ways. There’s been work, a wedding to plan, and a half marathon to train for. We’re actually three (?) weeks away from the Avengers Half. I’m not sure if I’m ready for it, but we’ve been chugging away at increasing our mileage.

We knocked out the 9 mile run today. We left a little to late in the morning, though, and it was hot and we were dehydrated by the time we got back. Next week is the ten mile run, so we have that to look forward to.

The long runs are hard, but I have to admit that especially after the six month running hiatus, it feels nice to be running consistently again. I’m trying not to make the same mistakes I made the first time around, so we’ll see what happens. I even created a costume for this race, which I’m also using as a Halloween costume.

Climbing has been off and on. We had a several week hiatus from climbing a couple of months back and have been struggling to find a regular schedule since then. I think we’re going to try for doing it about twice a week. I think that’s probably a fair amount.

So, posts that I probably have lined up:

  • Running in Switzerland
  • Training for the half marathon
  • Half marathon post
  • Climbing (?)
  • Maybe the Rock n Roll Races?

Not sure what else, but I thought a check in post would be a good first step.


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