2016 update

Still here, just busier. Still running. Not bouldering as much anymore, because I sprained my right wrist pretty badly in September and it made me scared about missing time off work (which is primarily computer-bound.) I’m mostly running and lifting for now.

Star Wars Half Marathon is in TWO weeks. Two weeks. It hasn’t sunk in yet.

I hope the mental training I’ve been practicing will allow me to stay calm and focused for race day.

I’ve been running without music for the past few months. It’s been weirdly liberating–now I’m not worried about draining my phone battery, but it’s also been somewhat illuminating to spend time listening to my thoughts. Letting them come up and practicing pushing them away in my mind. Learning what makes me speed up, or what demotivates me. Sometimes I think of a song with a fast beat, and my feet move accordingly.

I’ll be back later (hopefully) with a race update/etc. or perhaps a lifting update, but for now, hooray it’s 2016 and we’re still here trying our best to be healthy. The new season begins.


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