I benched myself from running the last two and a half weeks. Part of it was a physical post race recovery and another part was a mental race recovery. I’m trying to go for a full three weeks, but I may cut it a little short for a Sunday run. I’m ready to take off again, so I think that’s a good sign.

I hit a wall during that last half marathon. It wasn’t pretty and, unlike other times where I hit that wall, I never got passed it. A large part of it was the humidity. I wasn’t adequately prepared for it at the time. I’m not sure what else was going on. Maybe it was that it got too crowded at some point to try to run through the crowds or maybe it was something else. I’m not sure, but it hit me at mile 10 and didn’t go away. It was crushing. Even though I felt that same wave of post-race accomplishment after crossing the finish line, I still felt absolutely defeated. It was a little demoralizing and while I knew wasn’t going to stop running, part of me kind of wanted to.

I was this wall that drove me to take a longer break than I initially planned. A three week hiatus really isn’t much time at all in the grand scheme of things. Nevertheless, it gave me some good time to rethink how I want to approach running for the next few months. I’ve increasingly been intrigued by the idea of working on 5ks again and trying to improve my 5k speed at the end of the summer. Hell, maybe I’d hit the reach goal of running through a whole 5k. That planning, paired with the fact that we’re pretty set on the big half marathon of next year, got me wanting to run again. That bug came back and I’ve been ready to go.

I was initially going to wait it out for a whole month, but I’ve been dying to hit the road. I figured I’d ride it out the rest of the week for a full (or almost full) three weeks. I’m going to take it slow, but it still feels good to be excited about this again.


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