Catching Up

Hi. I’ve been bad at keeping a regular schedule. It’s been significantly harder this time around than it was 3 years ago. Perhaps this isn’t too surprising.

There’s been a lot to post about. I tried out running in Denver altitude (not as bad as expected, but still harder), ran in a tank top on Global Sports Bra Squad Day (which is a bigger accomplishment than it sounds), and have been chugging along at training. It’s been hard to keep a regular weekday run schedule, but getting into the long run training hasn’t been as hard as I expected. The runs aren’t easy themselves, but the schedule is easy.

Next race is next week. Supposed to be doing the Across the Bay 12k, which is a very fun Bay Area race where you run across the Golden Gate Bridge. Will be out of town, so am running it remote. Would be sad, but I’ll be in SB, soooo it’s not like that view is bad either.

Will be better at weekly posts. I promise.



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