Welcome to Run Plahr, Run!

Plahr is Alea and Kristina. We are friends. We live some 300 miles apart, but we talk online almost everyday. We both like to stay active, and we’ve been encouraging each other over chat and text. One day Alea thought it would be a good idea to start a blog to hold ourselves accountable to our fitness goals, and thus RPR was born.

We’re not really sure what we’re going to post on here yet, but it will be a mixture of photographs, anecdotes, maybe tracking our progress via apps and log-ins. Either way, it will be a visual diary of how we’re going to keep active and be fit.

Join us on our misadventures!


Disclaimer 1: Neither Alea nor Kristina are fitness or health experts. Quite the contrary, actually, as we set up this blog largely to navigate ourselves to better fitness. As such, please do not take what we write about as health or fitness advice.

Disclaimer 2: The content of RPR is the product of Alea and Kristina’s own thoughts and opinions. They do not reflect the opinions of either of their employers.


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