Paddle Boarding

I’ve decided to take a break from writing about running and write about a new venture I tried out over the weekend. We spent the past weekend down in Santa Barbara to celebrate my grandfather’s weekend. It was a lot of fun and I actually also snuck in a 12k as a remote runner for the Across the Bay race that I missed.

SB Harbor SUP
I did not bring a waterproof camera, but took this picture of SB Harbor during my run, so it’ll have to do.

On a semi-organized whim, my sister, friend and I decided to try out paddle boarding. Part of the reason is that we’re heading out to Hawaii in just under two weeks and thought it’d be slightly cheaper to learn how to do it here in California where it is half the price as the classes we’ve been eyeing in Maui.

All in all, the experience wasn’t as bad as I expected. People who do it look so tranquil and poised. Given the amount of balance I have and my experience in other similar water sports (e.g., surfing), however, I did not expect anything short of a disaster.

What we got was somewhere in between. I fell almost as soon as I was able to stand up. In a way, it kind of broke the ice and made that experience less terrifying. I had a hard time getting back on the board and fell as soon as the water had the slight hint of a wave. It was still a lot of fun, though. We made our way through Santa Barbara Harbor, where I spent most of the time on my knees because it smelled awful, didn’t want to hit my head on rocks, and had an irrational fear that if I fell, I’d be attacked by a loose seal.

Once we got out of the harbor, we made our way back towards the pier and in that area. This is where we fell the most as a group because the water was less mild than the harbor water.

In the end, we weren’t anywhere near good, but we it also wasn’t a disaster. It was fun, but I was insanely sore the next morning and beyond. Today’s actually the first day that I’m not sore. I’m sure it didn’t help that I ran 7.5 miles the next day. Definitely looking forward to trying it again in warmer waters. My only regret is that I didn’t bring a water proof camera with me. It would have been fun to take pictures. Then again, that means I would have had to focus on something other than balance.


Catching Up

Hi. I’ve been bad at keeping a regular schedule. It’s been significantly harder this time around than it was 3 years ago. Perhaps this isn’t too surprising.

There’s been a lot to post about. I tried out running in Denver altitude (not as bad as expected, but still harder), ran in a tank top on Global Sports Bra Squad Day (which is a bigger accomplishment than it sounds), and have been chugging along at training. It’s been hard to keep a regular weekday run schedule, but getting into the long run training hasn’t been as hard as I expected. The runs aren’t easy themselves, but the schedule is easy.

Next race is next week. Supposed to be doing the Across the Bay 12k, which is a very fun Bay Area race where you run across the Golden Gate Bridge. Will be out of town, so am running it remote. Would be sad, but I’ll be in SB, soooo it’s not like that view is bad either.

Will be better at weekly posts. I promise.


Quakes Dash for the Troops

So I’m back again. After making a big stink about returning and posting regularly, I was largely absent for almost a month. The thing is, I actually have been chugging along relatively okay on the run schedule. It hasn’t been ~great~ and it’s been a little painful, but I’ve been pretty steady.

But I can write about that more separately. Today, I’m writing about the Quakes Dash for the Troops 5k. I loved the Earthquakes Challenge races when they put them on, but there hasn’t been one since 2013. I definitely wasn’t running regularly back then. While we walked the 2013 race, I was so proud of myself during the 2012 race when I ran/walked the whole thing. A lot has changed since then, I guess.


The race was generally fun. As I mentioned, I have been waiting SO LONG for them to bring a Quakes sponsored race back. It was an extra boost that the race benefited a good cause (and that the shirt was cute). The turnout was a lot smaller than I was expecting, but it was still relatively solid. It was advertised better than the MLS Care Run last year, but only slightly more so.


There wasn’t much done pre-race. There were some stands and you could pick your bib and shirt up if you weren’t able to make it to the packet pick up the day before. I don’t think there needed to be much more than that, though, and it was just cool hanging out in a calm version of Avaya stadium. Parking also was pretty easy. A lot easier than the games, that’s for sure.

Most people there dressed in their race shirts, but my loving husband was decked out fully in his Quakes gear.


The Course

The course was okay. I wasn’t looking forward to it because it just involved three loops around the parking lot and through the Epicenter. Truly not the most exciting course. I think the benefit of a course like that for a very community-centric run, though, was that you saw a little kids running off on their own since it was a relatively closed course. I guess that was pretty cool. It made the race fast though, because I didn’t have a reason to stop and take pictures. I mean, I think it would have been cool if they looped around inside the stadium a little more. They did that in the 49ers race and I thought it was a cool way to explore the stadium.

The Race

As I said, the race was pretty fast in general. It was my first since Orlando and I ran faster than I thought I would. It was hot, though. I never thought that I would say this, but I think the race would have been a little better if it had started even thirty minutes earlier than it had. Wouldn’t have been quite as hot.

I did a lot better than I expected; probably would have done a little better with some water in my system (more on that later). It was generally well organized and it was fun. Surprisingly, Q was absent, though. There were supposed to be Quakes players there too, but I must have missed them (boo).

My Garmin gave me an average pace of just under 13 minute/mile. It wasn’t a PR, but it was definitely among my top race times. Oddly, though, the official time I had was almost a minute/mile over that. Found that a little strange because I typically have slower Garmin times than official times and it’s odd to see it that far off.



There were two things that I really didn’t like about the race. The first was that there was no water station. I took a lot of issue with that, especially given the heat. With a race that involved three loops around the stadium, it really wouldn’t have been hard to put up at least one water station. I felt it around the halfway point too. I mean, I guess if someone wasn’t doing great, they could always figure something out when they got back into the Epicenter, but water stations are so standard that I thought it was disappointing that it was missing.

Also, at some point, the organizers let a car into the race course. Really? They were driving pretty slowly and carefully, but that’s dangerous and they really should have known better.

Overall Assessment

The race was fun overall. I wouldn’t rate it among the best races I’ve done as I did have some issues with it. Nevertheless, it was a fun community race and despite the flaws, I hope they bring back more Quakes races in the future.


And now what?

So I’ve declared my return and posted a picture of my Star Wars swag, but that’s not really the sign of a full return. I would like to do a longer post on the Star Wars Half, but I wanted to start with a game of catch up. It’s been almost a year and a half since my last post, and I haven’t been sitting around the whole time, so I figured this is a good way to start.

Since I was last posting, I ran three half marathons. I was on the verge of number two and then knocked out two this year. I stayed away from 13.1 during 2016, largely because I didn’t want to get injured before I could get my Kessel Run medal, but also because I spent the first half of the year getting married. I still kept busy with runs though. I did Bay to Breakers (eh), the Run the Bay Challenge (408k, Across the Bay 12k, and 510k), did the Rock and Roll San Jose Remix challenge (5k/10k), as well as a number of scattered runs here and there. I’ve taken the approach of quality, not quantity, because I had hit a point in 2015 where I could not keep races straight and actually ended up with a couple of double/triple (true story) bookings. Not kidding about the triple booking and I only went to one of those three races.

We spent almost a year hooked on indoor rock climbing. I think I may have written a few posts about it, but we got hooked. Chris was the only one who could say he got close to good at the sport, but we spent quite a bit of time at Planet Granite. We dropped it about a year ago when we collectively got a little too busy and the drive got too hard to keep up the membership. I miss it. We keep saying that we should go back and spend a few hours climbing, but it’d be back to basics and a lot of catch up. We did do a bit of outdoor rock climbing when we were in Thailand. It was fun in a lot of respects, but also kind of an epic fail.

I’ve also started seeing a personal trainer. As a matter of fact, I’m coming up on the one year mark of that too. I wanted to make sure I was doing strength training right. I need to get better at making myself train when I don’t have an appointment, but I feel like I’ve been getting stronger and have been making slow but steady progress.

I think that’s been the last year and a half in a nutshell.


It’s been a while

Hi. It’s been a while. A long while, in fact. The last few months have been busy in many ways. There’s been work, a wedding to plan, and a half marathon to train for. We’re actually three (?) weeks away from the Avengers Half. I’m not sure if I’m ready for it, but we’ve been chugging away at increasing our mileage.

We knocked out the 9 mile run today. We left a little to late in the morning, though, and it was hot and we were dehydrated by the time we got back. Next week is the ten mile run, so we have that to look forward to.

The long runs are hard, but I have to admit that especially after the six month running hiatus, it feels nice to be running consistently again. I’m trying not to make the same mistakes I made the first time around, so we’ll see what happens. I even created a costume for this race, which I’m also using as a Halloween costume.

Climbing has been off and on. We had a several week hiatus from climbing a couple of months back and have been struggling to find a regular schedule since then. I think we’re going to try for doing it about twice a week. I think that’s probably a fair amount.

So, posts that I probably have lined up:

  • Running in Switzerland
  • Training for the half marathon
  • Half marathon post
  • Climbing (?)
  • Maybe the Rock n Roll Races?

Not sure what else, but I thought a check in post would be a good first step.

Firefly 5k (7/25)


It’s been a while since I ran a race. I ran parts of the Veteran’s Run I did in May (?), but have been low key since then. Since my last post, I have done a few runs, but nothing too big. The new shoes I got definitely took some adjusting to and I finally got insoles for my primary pair. It’s crazy how much of a difference insoles make.

The race was the Firefly Run 5k. It has nothing to do with the show. Chris would have signed up if it did. Instead, he came to see me off and wait for me to finish. This one was a night race and we were given light up arm bands to wear. A night race in the summer really doesn’t do much, though. It didn’t get dark enough for the lights to make a difference until I was almost done with the race.

Otherwise, the run went well. I did my normal 3 min/1 min jog/walk stretches and clocked in just under 45 minutes. Not great, but also better than I expected. It wasn’t the most scenic location, but it was fun and I think I saw Manchester United’s bus during the run (they played Barcelona in Santa Clara earlier in the afternoon). I don’t know why I didn’t take a picture of that.

It was a hard 5k though and that makes me a little sad. It doesn’t seem like that long ago that 5ks were a breeze. Guess there’s a lot of chugging to do before I’m half marathon ready again.