Alea and Kristina


I am Alea. I am a professional privacy geek living in the Bay Area. I’ve had an off and on relationship with exercise for a long time now where I go through periods of obsessive activity to being generally stagnant. I’m facing the next decade of my life and as part of my pre-30 bucket list, really wanted to make fitness a high priority goal. My job requires me to do a lot of travel, which can be a good or bad thing. Dedicating two days of the week to cross country flying in conjunction with eating out every night can really cut into prioritizing fitness. On the other hand, it means that I have a lot of nights in my hotel where taking a fitness break is a nice alternative to spending the night working or binge watching TV shows on Netflix. Other than work, I’m a major geek and love board games, video games, comics, Dr. Who, etc. Am also a avid soccer fan who you can find at San Jose Earthquakes games or rooting for the USMNT.



I’m Kristina and I write at Run Plahr Run because I’d like to be a better me.

I am an administrative assistant in Southern California logging crazy hours being sedentary in a chair. My only claim to any athletic endeavor at all was the one season I did in track in high school. Other than that, I would attempt to swim/lift/bike sporadically throughout college with no aim or goal in sight. I gained 40+ pounds in college (went from 99 lbs to 144) and have been trying to shed the extra weight since. I’m down to 120 lbs now, but I’m interested in making fitness a lifelong habit, and I don’t want to boomerang back to those heavy days.

I’m focused on discovering a routine that is sustainable and that will keep me at a peak weight that I’m happy with, where my joints don’t hurt and I feel strong and energetic.

In my off time I like to hike/be at the beach, practice my photography and read/blog about fashion. I also occasionally wander up and down California (LA, SD, and the Bay Area) when time permits to find neat architecture, visit friends, and find the next new burger joint.


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